Over 17 years ago we decided to plant our own flowers, there by finding the only way to have fresh cut flowers Field, totally fresh and with uncompromising quality to our customers.
Is the answer, when asked why they are so special floral arrangements of the Company. Kukyflor is achieving vertical integration, leading from their fields and Huaraz Huaral saw more value-added products to the Lima market, through its network of stores Wong, Metro, virtual store and its call-center. The production process takes place in areas suitable for each type of flower with modern irrigation and greenhouses, careful selection of the best varieties of tulips, roses, lilies, waxflower, among others. This has enabled customers to enjoy the best quality flowers and very fresh, that last longer and increase the satisfaction after the sale.
Also, KUKYFLOR with its new slogan: "CULTIVATE EMOTIONS", it highlights the true purpose of the company in all its operations. Giving flowers always brings some emotion to be conveyed: LOVE, JOY, APPRECIATION, FORGIVENESS, LOVE, CONDOLENCES, among others. Do you remember the last time you bought flowers? Surely that memory evokes some emotion and this is the main objective of the company: to provide quality flowers accompanying the intention of contributing to any customer specific emotion in your life.
Kukyflor is a company with over 12 points of sale in Wong and Metro and with over 17 years of experience helping clients grow their emotions in their lives with Flores in Lima.